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Penn State Chromatin Meeting

Aaron and Amanda Attend the Penn State Chromatin Symposium to expand our research program on chromatin and epigenetics.

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Rhodes' Thesis Defense Celebration!

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Congrats to Rhodes Ford on her recently published review

April 1st 2023

Exhaustion is a state of CD8 T cell differentiation that occurs in settings of chronic Ag such as tumors, chronic viral infection, and autoimmunity. Cellular differentiation is driven by a series of environmental signals that promote epigenetic landscapes that set transcriptomes needed for function. For CD8 T cells, the epigenome that underlies exhaustion is distinct from effector and memory cell differentiation, suggesting that signals early on set in motion a process where the epigenome is modified to promote a trajectory toward a dysfunctional state. Although we know many signals that promote exhaustion, putting this in the context of the epigenetic changes that occur during differentiation has been less clear. In this review, we aim to summarize the epigenetic changes associated with exhaustion in the context of signals that promote it, highlighting immunotherapeutic studies that support these observations or areas for future therapeutic opportunities.

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"Tumor microenvironmental signals reshape chromatin landscapes to limit the functional potential of exhausted T cells"

We are very excited for our recent publication in Science Immunology with our collaborators at the Delgoffe lab to use CUT&RUN to epigenetically profile T cells as they progress to exhaustion in cancer. Read the paper below! (8/5/22)

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Congrats to our summer undergraduate students for successful summer projects and learning!

Amanda Crocker's end of summer talk

Amanda Crocker.jpeg

Nicole Gurvich end of summer research poster (7/29/22)

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Going away party at Walters for our undergraduate student Abby Berrios. Congratulations on graduating from Pitt and your next role at Abound Bio. (4/2022)

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Welcome to our new Tsinghua Scholar, Yibo Zheng! We are excited to have you in the lab! (1/2022)

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Congrats to 4th year PMI student Rhodes Ford on winning the 1st place poster award at the 2021 University of Pittsburgh Immunology Retreat (October 2021)

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Welcome to our new research Technician Jiaqi "Jack" Lu to the lab. (October 2021)

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